Lunar Eclipses

ayurveda lunar eclipse sadhana yoga Apr 02, 2024

Right now, you may be experiencing a different energy and strong emotions. It isn't just you. Lunar eclipses have incredible power on us as humans.

The energy of this eclipse event will be felt for two days before and for two days after. It is a potent, yet perfect, time to release negativity and past emotions. We have a unique opportunity right now to create significant change in our lives and move forward in our spiritual journeys.

So let's celebrate this moment!

Lunar eclipses are feminine in nature and affect women more at this time. During this time, the emotional body can dominate our sense of self.

With a lunar eclipse, then, it is especially important for us to nurture calm and clarity for our inner selves. It's important to stick to our daily sadhana, our daily practice.

In preparation for a mindful practice:

  • Distance yourself from distractions.
  • Have a quiet space.
  • Light a candle.
  • Have a journal or notebook handy.
  • Bring a shawl.
  • Make your self comfortable and allow for inspiration and insight to shine.