Ground yourself and reclaim peace of mind.

Feel uplifted, stronger, and better equipped to face what is in front of you.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You feel out of sorts and unsettled.
  • You find yourself anxious and worried more often these days
  • You have trouble sleeping.
  • Your belly is bloated and you have more gas.
  • Your skin and hair is dry.
  • It seems as though you are on an emotional roller coaster ride.
If you can relate, I am so glad you are here. This program can help!
Yes! I want this experience for me!

Hi! I’m Deborah.

I am a Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Life Coach for Women. I have 40 years of experience teaching and working one on one with women.

If you are like me, you may struggle with insecurities, anxiety, and too many days feeling ungrounded and out of sorts; especially this time of year. I get it!

I’ve had a ton of sleepless nights and anxiety ridden days in the fall and early winter. I’ve struggled with digestive issues, feeling tired and run down, and trying to treat dry skin and hair with topical measures. I've been stuck in patterns of negativity and fear. This is not the case anymore!

I have devoted over 50 years to the studies and practices of India’s ancient healing sciences. I have applied the teachings to my own life all along the way.

I have learned how to be my own best "Medicine Woman" and how to care for myself throughout the changing seasons.

I can attest to the healing, transformative powers of all that I offer. 

My passion is sharing with others what I have learned along the way and know to be tried and true.

Imagine if you knew how to: 

  • Soothe the nervous system so you can transform anxiety and unrest to feeling calm, stable, and even tempered.
  • Sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and ready for your day.

  • Hydrate your bodily tissues so your skin glowed and your hair shined.

  • Strengthen digestion to ease gas, bloating, and constipation.

  • Understand some of the root causes you go "out of balance" and what you can do to get back on track.



Yoga and Ayurveda Camp
for Vata Season

A comprehensive course designed to give you all the tools you need to remain healthy and happy during fall.

Let the light of your soul shine brightly
and radiate out to all those around you.

Learn how to take the reins of your own health and happiness and find inner stability, deep strength, and peace of mind. 



Live in sync with nature's laws and rhythms
specific for the fall/early winter season.



This program is the development of my 50 years devotion to this path
and a testament to my life's work.

I share the knowledge that has been passed down for centuries
and know from my own experiences the power and truth in these teachings.

What better time than now to dive deep into the studies and practices of what the ancients knew thousands of year ago and what modern science continues to back up. 

In this self-paced course,
you will:

  • Experience powerful shifts in your energy.
  • Attune yourself to nature's intelligence.
  • Support healthy digestion and transform  confusion and unrest into clarity and radiance. 
  • Strengthen your ability to accept, let go and surrender to what is.
  • Feel grounded with a steadiness that you carry with you into your day.

When it comes to radiant health and happiness, the way we live day in and day out is what matters the most.


What's Included In The Yoga & Ayurveda Camp for Vata (Fall/Early Winter) Season...



Establish a Daily Sadhana

The key to lasting change is consistent practice (Sadhana).  You will receive nine pre-recorded classes:
Five 90 minute classes and four 60 minute classes. Teachings and practices consist of: 

  • Kundalini yoga postures and breathing practices
  • Mantras, mudras, and meditation
  • Ayurvedic teachings on balanced living during fall
  • Class notes, handouts, and six months access to this program
  • A comprehensive course platform that contains all the course materials in one place.

Yoga and Ayurveda Wisdom for Fall/Early Winter

Ayurveda wisdom teaches us to live in tune with the seasons.
In this comprehensive guide, you will find: 

  • Foods for fall/winter health and digestion
  • Herbs and natural remedies
  • Yoga postures for grounding
  • Resources to continue your own deeper studies of the ancient science and technology of Ayurveda

Vata Camp Community

There is wisdom in not going it alone. This program includes a secure community forum where you can: 

  • Ask questions
  • Share insights
  • Receive inspiration and support
  • Connect with others on this path

Registration ends October 23rd

After 22 years of seasonal Camps, this one has been hailed as one of the 

Favorite Yoga & Ayurveda Camps!

You will have six months' access to all the materials.

Practice Anytime
Classes are pre-recorded and available for six months!
Regular Registration ($177) closes at the end of the day of 10/23 

Vata Camp Registration


Registration available through 10/23 only!


This program is for you if you want to:

Study and practice on your own time from anywhere in the world.

Accelerate your spiritual growth 

Strengthen your connection to your deepest self and the wisdom that lives there.

Cut through negativity and fear so you feel
balanced and hopeful

Have access to the program for six months.

About Your Guide

Deborah was born in Waterville, Maine and moved to Liberty when she was 19. She is a mother, grandmother, (and great-grandmother) who has dedicated over 50 years to the studies and practices of India’s ancient sciences.

She is a beloved yoga teacher, mentor for women, and Ayurvedic practitioner whose teachings are grounded in her in-depth studies, direct experiences, and personal transformations. 

She brings 40 years of experience to her offerings. 

She is known as an inspiring, intuitive teacher who speaks from her heart and combines humor, compassion, and easy manner in all of her offerings. 
Her unique style blends Ayurvedic wisdom with a variety of yogic traditions with a primary focus on Kundalini.

She has studied throughout the United States and in India with some of world’s best teachers.
She is the founder and owner of the Ayurveda Yoga Center with a studio on her property in Liberty, Maine.

Why choose me and this program?

-I've spent tens of thousands of hours in study and practice over the past 50 years.

-Yoga and Ayurveda are a way of life for me.

-The teachings and experiences are in my bones

-I am deeply passionate about sharing what I have learned along the way.


"I feel grounded, energized, and uplifted all at the same time. Just plain happier.  Amazing!
 I now know the value of practicing daily.  I get how a sense of balance and security, and power can be generated from the inside.  Wow! Thank you for an incredible week and for all of your wisdom and the example you set just by being you."

~ K. H. ~

"Camp this week was what kept me sane and grounded. Truly, your ability to intuit what we need as a group is so incredibly healing, and I know I speak for the others. You are such a treasure for us to have in our community.

~ S. P. ~

"Her teachings, personal attention to everyone in her care, and her holistic approach have been a real god send for me and those who have taken the time to learn and explore with her. After almost 20 years of practice with Deborah, in my mind she offers such a love of life and respect for the individual that few can be compared to her."

~ J. K. ~

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