Stacy Leafsong

"I came to Deborah dealing with physical challenges that I had tried many healing traditions to address. I have a background in yogic practices and western herbs, yet felt I needed a skillful and perceptive presence to guide me. My work with her has touched me in deepening my path of wellness.

The energy that stands out for me about Deborah is LOVE. She is a conduit for grounded, Earthly Love, the same presence of that the Ayurvedic tradition springs from. Compassion and Love are the ultimate healers and Deborah is a wellspring of this sacred source. Many blessings and thanks."

J.W., Maine

"With Deborah’s knowledge and customized approach to my personal health needs, I have adopted a healthy and healing lifestyle.

For years, I have experienced arthritic pain from accident induced trauma and increased anxiety and depression from treating the pain and not the root cause of the pain. Her Ayurvedic training has helped me reverse my downward spiral. I have not felt this good in a long time.

I am so grateful she was able to help me affect the quality of my life to such an extent. I would recommend that you talk with her and discover Ayurveda for yourself.”

Gretchen R., Maine

"We are most fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and talented person as Deborah Keene in the rural area of Liberty, Maine. I have taken classes with Deborah for the past four years and love the way she is able to incorporate her Ayurvedic teachngs into a truly delightful vinyasa flow which is appropriate for most levels of yoga expertise.

In addition to classes, I have sought Ayurvedic consultation with Deborah for a progressively worsening arthritic condition in my neck. With some subtle lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations, and herbal supplements prescribed by her, my neck mobility has improved. I’ve experienced a significant decrease in headaches and neck/jaw pain while being able to reduce my intake of medication by 75%. I have also noted a remarkable improvement in my digestion and elimination which has been irregular for many years.

I would highly recommend Deborah as a yoga instructor and Ayurvedic Practitioner."

J.K., Maine

"Doctors told me after my motorcycle accident 40 years ago, followed with several reconstructive surgeries on my left leg, that by middle age I would be using a cane and suffer from serious arthritis and a painful spinal curve. I think that Deborah has spared me most of that. Her teachings, personal attention to everyone in her care, and her holistic approach have been a real god send for me and those who have taken the time to learn and explore with her.

After almost 20 years of practice with Deborah, in my mind she offers such a love of life and respect for the individual that few can be compared to her. "

G.R., Physical Therapist, Maine

"Coming from a large city that offers lots of yoga I was surprised and delighted to find an instructor as competent and gifted as Deb in a rural area such as this. She has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology which she incorporates into her ayurvedic and yogic teachings. Intuitive and sensitive to her clients’ needs, she is able to provide individualized instruction even in a large class of varying levels. I have studied with Deb for nearly 3 years now, and she has helped me tremendously both spiritually and physically. I am very grateful."

C.R., Maine

"I started Deb’s yoga class after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her classes and Ayurvedic Practice have been a vital connection to my continued good health. I so appreciate all that I have learned from my experience in working with her.