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 Yoga practices, timeless wisdom, and simple tips for physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing.

Hi! I'm Deborah Keene
Within this membership, you will find the teachings and practices that I have studied and applied to my own life for the past 50 years. 

I share the exact steps I have taken to become a  happy, healthy, deeply fulfilled woman living a life that I love.
You will gain the knowledge and get the support you need to start and/or stay on this path of radiant health deeply connected to your inner strength and confidence.

I am so excited to share this timeless wisdom and help you incorporate it into your daily life so you can experience the healing transformative powers of all that is offered here. 


  "I was feeling like I had lost my way… but through the practice and gentle reminders you have offered I’m feeling my roots deeper and my mind clearer. Thank you for your offerings  and sharing your wealth of knowledge & knowing.” ~ L.N.

"Your classes are inspiring and your radiance always shines through."

"Thank you for all you do to bring a radiant light into this world.  Your dedication, positive energy and outlook help to spread joy, peace and love."


Can you relate?

  • You want to establish healthier diet and lifestyle habits but can't do it alone.
  • You are tired of being held back by negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • You feel stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, and/or unfulfilled.
  • You compare yourself to others and often end up feeling insecure.
  • You say yes to things that are really not right for you.
  • You are tired of waking up anxious and sad.
  • You wish you had more energy and felt happier.

We’ve got the solution!

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Move forward in life feeling happier and healthier: 
 deeply connected to your inner strength and wisdom. 

Age gracefully through the golden years.

In this membership you will learn how to feel good about who you are,  replace self-defeating patterns with positive daily habits,
and have the clarity and confidence to create the life you want.

Get better sleep,  experience more calm and ease, and so much more!
  • Understand Ayurveda's core principles and how you can apply them to your daily life so you can look and feel your best. 
  • Discover which foods to favor (and which to avoid) for the best digestion, glowing skin, better sleep, and increased energy.
  • Have calm, clear, focused energy.
  • Be anchored in self confidence so  you stop looking outside for your self-esteem and direction in life.
  • Deepen your yoga and meditation  practice to develop greater clarity,  concentration, and intuition.
  •  Learn how to align yourself with the powerful rhythms of Nature for deep healing and rejuvenation.
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Come Home to Yourself

Find Your Community 

Live Free 

The creation of this membership is a dream come true for me.
I stand behind all that I share.
How can I say this?
Because of the woman I am today.

I've struggled with insecurities, my health, and feeling stuck and confused in my life and not knowing what to do.
I know what it is like to live with anxiety, depression, shame, trauma, and abuse.

I’ve had a ton of sleepless nights and anxiety ridden days.

I’ve struggled with digestive issues, addictive behaviors, and plenty of times when I have felt not good enough and that there is something wrong with me.
This is not the case anymore!

I have devoted over 50 years to the studies and practices of India’s ancient healing sciences.
I have applied the teachings to my own life all along the way.

I can attest to the healing, transformative powers of all that I offer.

My experiences have helped mold me into the woman I am now ~ happy, healthy, and deeply fulfilled in my life and my work.
My life's purpose is to help you be free from suffering and live a happy, healthy, meaningful life.


YES! Sign me up!
 Deborah is a shining example of her path. She is humble, authentic, and truly is living her purpose.
She has done her inner work and knows what it takes and how to guide someone along this path.” ~S.M.


 "Deborah offers rare and invaluable gifts to our community.  Thank you for all you do and for you."


Today’s class with you was perfect for me both physically and emotionally! 
I felt so much better afterwards. Your personal presence is so uplifting and inspiring.
I am looking forward to practicing daily again and again"  ~L.N.

About Deborah Keene

Founder of the Ayurveda Yoga Center


Deborah has dedicated over 50 years to the study and practice of India’s ancient healing sciences. She holds advanced certifications in both Yoga and Ayurveda and has spent the last four decades immersed in study, practice, teaching, and working one on one with clients.

She is a devoted Yoga teacher, mentor for women, and Ayurvedic practitioner whose teachings are grounded in her in-depth studies, direct experiences, and personal transformations. 

Deborah combines her humor, compassion and easy manner in all of her offerings.

Her passion is to empower others with a holistic approach to take control of their health and happiness and create the life they want.

Radiant Living Membership

$16 monthly

Teachings and practices for a Lifetime of Benefits

What's Included:

  • Recorded On-demand yoga practices with a variety of themes and lengths for all levels: movement, breathwork, meditation 
  • New content added regularly
  • Live yoga classes, (including chair yoga), and group coaching
  • Ayurveda's core principles and  seasonal suggestions 
  • Inspirational wisdom teachings from the masters
  • Women's Wisdom
  • Natural Skin Care tips and tools
  • Journaling activities to help integrate the teachings
  • Support throughout the month in the private community forum 
  • Automatic renewal 
  • Cancel anytime 

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