If you have been feeling overwhelmed, out of sorts, finding it hard to relax,
and tired of not being able to get good sleep.....

Use Yoga's pearls of wisdom and practices to help you connect to your own deep center and sense the comfort and ease within.

Through the path of Yoga,  we learn to calm the nervous system, quiet the mind, and connect to the inner source of wisdom and guidance.  We begin to rise up out of old patterns of thinking and behaving.  We sense the interconnectedness of all that is.  We learn to trust in the unfolding of life. 

Two Workshops and Practices:

Yoga for Sleep ~ Stay Calm & Steady

Yoga practices for any level rich with all the yogic elements that will help prepare you for deep rest.

 Plus ~   wisdom talks on connecting to the heart:  the source of deep inner wisdom and love.

Come to rest in your true nature and

                                                 experience a deeper level of calm and  peace within.

You will learn movement, breath work, mantras, and mudras to help you:

*Alleviate anxiety, restlessness, and stress so you feel more settled and relaxed

*Reduce mental chatter and cultivate a calm, quiet mind

*Come back to your own deep center and sense the peace within

*Set yourself up for optimal sleep


  • Lifetime access to the class recording of Yoga for Sleep¬†

  • Lifetime access to the class recording of the How to¬†Get Better Sleep talk¬†

  • A PDF with a list of foods to help induce sleep as well as foods that disrupt sleep.


    ~  plus ~
Lifetime access to the Stay Calm and Steady Workshop

    ~  plus ~

A beautiful, comprehensive Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Guide For Vata (Fall/Winter) Season with tips, recipes, practices, and more to support calming the nervous system. 

Ayurveda Bundle: Purchase Now


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  • Class recording of Yoga for Sleep Practice
  • Class recording of the How to¬†Get Better Sleep wisdom talk
  • Recording of the Stay Calm & Steady Workshop and Practice
  • Guide to Good Sleep Nutrition
  • Beautiful, comprehensive Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Guide for Fall/Winter season
Ayurveda Workshop Bundle




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